Our Story

London’s premier gymnastics academy now offers outstanding training and facility for cheer and tumbling!

Welcome to London Gymnastics Academy’s hottest new program! For years we have trained numerous cheerleaders and school teams in tumbling. Now it’s time for us to blaze into the All Star cheer scene and set it on fire! We know that cheerleaders are great athletes. With many of the same benefits of gymnastics and dance and the important element of teamwork, cheerleading has developed into an exciting and challenging sport.

Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing competitive sports in Canada and we are proud to be a growing force among the top gyms in Ontario. As a Heat athlete, you will work towards perfecting a routine which includes stunting, tumbling, jumps and dancing. It is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. We at London Heat strive to make a diference in each athlete’s life. Not only do we want them to be the best athlete they can be, but we also wish to teach them valuable life skills and help them to be the best people they can be. Many aspects of our program go far beyond cheerleading. We stress sportsmanship, family values, education, leadership, dedication and trust. We want them to understand what being part of a team means. Cheerleading is the ultimate team sport as it relies on every member of the team in order to be successful. Our philosophy is not to “win at all costs”, but to train and work hard in all aspects of life. London Heat is known for its integrity, sportsmanship, professional attitude and overall community support. What our cheerleaders become as adults is our top priority!

Mission Statement

London Heat Cheerleading believes in training well-rounded athletes who are equipped for challenges inside and outside the gym. We strive to create a cheer program that concentrates on not only team success but individual success as well. It is important to us that we train foundations for all ages including conditioning, basics, and sportsmanship. The skills and attitudes that we aim to teach are carried on throughout our athletes’ lives.  We believe that any athlete can be made an all-star through hard work and dedication.