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Parent of Heat Athlete

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When my daughter was young, I put her into gymnastics, but her time at the gym didn’t last long. She was afraid to do anything that involved her being upside-down, including somersaults and back rolls. She tried dance, but I could tell that her heart wasn’t in it. Her shyness was very noticeable. Even when someone asked her a question she would sometimes just stare and remain quiet. After watching her cousins at a cheer competition, she decided that she wanted to try competitive cheerleading. What a great decision that turned out to be. When she started on the Level 1 team at only six years old, she was barely able to do a cartwheel (she was still a little afraid to be upside-down). Six years later I rarely find her right-side up anymore – upside-down is now her favourite place to be, whether she’s tumbling or stunting with her teammates. What’s even more important is that my daughter is no longer the shy girl she once was. The friendships and trust that she has gained through her time with her London Heat family have made her into a kind, outgoing, strong and fearless girl. I would recommend this sport, and gym, to anyone. Thank you London Heat for being an integral part in raising an amazing young woman who is constantly striving to do better, and never gives up on anything