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London's Premiere Cheerleading Gym

London Heat

London Heat Cheerleading, a part of London Gymnastics Academy, is thrilled to offer a program that goes far beyond cheerleading. 

Cheerleading is one of Canada’s fastest-growing competitive sports, and we are proud to be a growing force among the top gyms in Ontario. As a Heat athlete, you will work towards perfecting a routine that includes stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance. 

 At London Heat, we strive to make a difference in each athlete’s life. Not only do we want our athletes to be the best they can be, but we also strive to teach them valuable life skills along the way. Many aspects of our program goes far beyond cheerleading. 

The Facility

Our brand new state of the art facility is well-equipped with all of the apparatus and safety equipment necessary to properly and effectively train youth from the beginning levels of gymnastics and cheerleading all the way to the highest levels of competition. We are excited to offer the communities in London and surrounding areas an opportunity to experience the amazing sports of gymnastics and cheerleading in a training environment that is cut above the rest. It’s the largest in London with over 23,000 square feet and two full gyms.


Our new facility is bright and air-conditioned and features both spacious training areas and lobbies for parents to watch their athletes

The Team

London Heat’s history goes way back to when two friends first met in the world of gymnastics – one as an athlete and the other as a coach. As time passed, they both fell in love with a new sport, cheerleading! Together, they’ve stayed on this exciting journey, aiming to provide their athletes with the same awesome memories, determination, and the “home away from home” atmosphere they once cherished.

Through thick and thin, they’ve stuck together, driven by their love for what they do. Jen and Jamie have been side by side for 25 years, and they’re proud to have built lasting bonds with the many athletes they’ve coached over the years. Looking ahead, they’re determined to keep pushing, striving to make London Heat the best cheerleading gym it can be! Go Heat 🔥

Meet our staff!

EAT. SLEEP. London. Heat.

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