Novice Cheer

world of Novice Cheerleading!

Our novice program is an amazing starting point to learn the sport of cheerleading. This program is designed for young athletes ages 5-10. Our novice program offers a supportive and fun environment where aspiring cheerleaders can learn the fundamentals of cheerleading. Your athlete will develop skills in tumbling, jumps, stunts, and routines while fostering teamwork and confidence. 
Our novice program runs in two sessions from September-Decemeber and January-April. Athletes can take place in one or both sessions. We recommend both sessions to maximize their growth and development. 
This team will practice once a week and perform the routine they learn throughout the session at the London Heat Showcase. The showcase takes place at our gym near the end of their session. 
Novice is the perfect stepping stone to newcomers to the sport of cheerleading. Come join us for an exciting cheerleading journey!


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