In order to help you learn more about our program, we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions! As always, please email us at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

London Heat has been running for ten years strong! We are currently running ten competitive programs and one pre-competitive program with athletes of all ages. Our culture is one of team work, shared responsibility, and shared reward.
All Star Cheer is one of Canada's fastest growing sports. All Star Cheer is gaining in popularity for many reasons. It is a fun activity that combines all the athletic components of sport such as strength, power, flexibility, endurance, fitness and mental tenacity. It also incorporates skills from gymnastics, dance, and stunting cheer, and athletes in the sport work toward developing skills such as tumbling, jumping, stunting, performance skills and team work. Not only does All Star Cheer help athletes increase their body awareness and self-esteem, it also helps them to develop leadership and communication skills.
We train at the London Gymnastics Academy facility in South London (2946 Bateman Trail). Our location has everything that an All Star program requires (more information under About - Facility). Our athletes train with the best equipment to ensure that they are excelling in all aspects of the sport!
First, explore our website and the various teams/programs - this will give you a general idea of what each program is like. Then, email Jamie (head coach of London Heat) at [email protected] if you have any questions.
At London Heat, athletes can start as young as three years old.
Team members are carefully selected to give each team an equal chance for success within their division.  As with many other sports, a variety of skills, abilities and even body types are required to give teams the best opportunity to place well at competitions.  We try to match athletes of equal abilities as best we can, but please remember that maturity, physical stature, stunting, pyramids, jumps, dance, motions and age are also huge factors.  Some athletes will be strong tumblers, and others will help out with stunting.  Every athlete is on the team for a reason – please trust the staff to place athletes on a team that will enable them to succeed to their potential!
Yes we do! If you are interested in cheerleading without competitions or travelling, we encourage athletes to join one of our recreational Tumble & Cheer classes.  This program is designed for athletes who wish to learn cheerleading in a non-competitive environment or who are not quite ready for the competitive stream.  If you like cheerleading but don’t have time to travel, compete, or you just want to cheer for fun, this is your best option.
Yes we do! Our pre-competitive cheerleading team is called Fireworks. This team is perfect for the athlete who has enjoyed LGA's recreational Tumble & Cheer classes, or for any athlete who is interested in cheerlreading and is looking for a new challenge without a full commitment to a competitive program. Fireworks requires no traveling, competition fees or uniform costs. Fireworks will only be required to order the practice uniform! Any athlete between the ages of 6-14 can register for this team. Fireworks trains once a week following the competitive schedule starting in June and ending in April. Not only will these athletes get to work as a team towards a routine that will challenge them, but they will also get to perform with the other London Heat teams at both of our showcases!
No. All Star teams train year round for competitions and exhibitions with the goals of competing well and winning. All Star cheer differs from most other sports in that every team member is vital to the team and its performance. There are no bench warmers and no second string teams. Every member of the team will train in all aspects of the sport in order to develop their skills and be the best!
In addition to your scheduled training times and tumbling classes/private lessons, each team will be invited to attend a summer cheer camp to expand their skills and surround themselves with other athletes who believe in and work toward the same goals. Each team will compete a minimum of two or three times during the season in an attempt to secure a bid to nationals.